Dislocated Intraocular Lens

A dislocated lens occurs when the natural lens (dislocated crystalline lens) or intraocular lens implant (dislocated intraocular lens) falls from its normal position in the front of the eye backwards towards the retina. This can happen before, during, or after cataract surgery. Sometimes intraocular lens implants can dislocate spontaneously many months or years after successful cataract surgery.

Some risk factors for development of a dislocated lens include ocular or facial trauma, high myopia (nearsightedness), pseudoexfoliation, retinitis pigmentosa, and specific genetic conditions that lead to weakened lens support. Possible symptoms of a dislocated lens include painless blurring of vision in one eye or double vision.

Retina Consultants of Houston is specialized in managing dislocated lenses. If you experience the symptoms mentioned above, consider having a dilated eye examination with an eye care specialist. If needed, there are effective surgical treatments for a dislocated lens.