How to Refer a Patient

In addition to providing the best possible retinal care, our goal at RCH is to see your patients as soon as possible at a location that is most convenient to them. We believe that patients receive optimal care when there is collaborative management between their referring doctors and RCH. Please call us at 713-524-3434 to confirm your patients appointment before they leave your clinic.

After seeing the patient we will communicate all of our findings and management strategies to you as the referring doctor.

To refer a patient:

  1. Print and fill out a Consultation Request Form (PDF) describing the reason for the referral and a summary of any diagnostic tests that have been performed.
  2.  Fax to our Central Scheduling Department at 832-778-9755 and give a copy to the patient to bring with them to their appointment.

To facilitate your patient’s transition to our care, we will provide you with a supply of RCH literature, including detailed information about our practice, appointment cards and business cards to give your patients.